One, Two or All of them?

Hi! Everyone,  I'm ZerochaphiL ^^V

Actually this my first post since I lived in Livejournal for almost 4 years now.
For the reason or movtivate that make me wrote this post is my own curious.
((First of All, my english is not very good. Soory for that m(_ _)m ))

I love arashi for 5-6 years now. I have seen many Arashi Fans from many countries.
And they made me know it's not all of Arashi fans that love all of Arashi members.
So I wrote this post because of my curious that which type of Arashi fans in LJN be.....
And for this poll, it's no need to show the name so please be yourself when you choose the item below.

Poll #1688022 One, Two or All of them?

How mamy of member of Arashi that you Love

I love just one of them. And I didn't care even they seperate.
I love just my favorite pairing.
Three of them are important to me.
I love four members. And the last one doesn't take much of my attention.
I love Arashi. I love all 5 of them. All or Nothing for me.
Thank you for coming ^^